• Gării Street, no. 19b, Dârste, Solo SRL Training Center

What happens on 10-11-12 May 2019?

S.C. SOLO S.R.L is organising a challenge for rope access technicians, firefighters, mountain rescuers, special forces etc. This event consists in 3 competition days:
-10 May 2019 – Complex rescue challenge, teams are made from 5 members
-11 May 2019 – Individual rope access chellenge
-12 May 2019 – Team rope access challenge, teams are made from 3 members
It is expected that all participants know and respect all rules of the event. The organisators have full authorization for this rules.

For whom is this competition

The competition is for all rescue teams (firefighters, mountain rescuers, special forces), rope access technicians etc.


Control posts will be organised during all competition. The referees will verify the systems, the conformity of the maneuvres used (knots, safeness of team members and casualty, organisation of rescue…), in conformity with a checklist. Not being able to respect the rules, will disqualify you
and/or your team. For safety and welness of the ones involved, the number of the teams will be limited to 16, the number of individual candidates will be limited to 40. During the competition the team members will be recognized in a clear way by their uniforms. Do not hesitate to contact u sif
you have questions. The organisation will be in SOLO polygon and the gathering point as well.

Team identification

Each team leader will wear the team number on the helmet and will wear the intervention uniform.
The team will use standard equipment, preferably equipment used in rescue operations, including helmet.


Each team will have the freedom to use what technics they prefer. All rescues will be done using 2 ropes (semistatic/ lowstretch) of minimum 10,5mm. All hauling/lowering systems must block automatically. In any moment of the competition, the referees can ask the team members to stop,
the systems need to be able to hold the weight, through a self blocking system or knots.

Check In

The check-in will start:
10.05.2019, 08:00 at SOLO Polygon (Street Gării Dârste 19B, 500300 Brașov, Romania). Team leaders need to be present for the induction, where they will present the list of team members an to be presented the activities for that day.
11.05.2019, 08:00 at SOLO Polygon (Street Gării Dârste 19B, 500300 Brașov, Romania).
12.05.2019, 08:00 at SOLO Polygon (Street Gării Dârste 19B, 500300 Brașov, Romania).


The teams need to bring their own equipment, the equipmnet need to be in good condition. The equipmnet need to be confrming with the EN and CE marks. There is no limit quantity of equipment that the teams can bring. On the induction there will the organisers will perform a ppe inspection on
all equipments. During the competition the organisers will have the right to withdraw any equipment that is considered inconsistent or in bad condition.


Final standing will be established in combination with: penalisations, total time, style (calmness of operations, rope maneuvres, safeness etc.), safety. A jury will solve all appeals. Organisators will not be part of the jury. All the situations will be photographed at that moment and analyzed by the jury
at the end of the day. The decision of the jury will be final. Penalties will be applied for the following situations:
• not respecting the general directions of the challenge;
• not respecting general indications from the responsible person for the challenge;
• not respecting the rules;
• not being able to finish in time;
• having only one point of attachment in suspension;
• loosing equipment in the challenge zone;
• endangering a team member or the casualty(lack of safety at height etc.).


The prizes will be decided by the organisators at the start of the challenge.
Participation of competitor in the award ceremony is mandatory. In absence, the members/teams will not receive the prizes.


Invididual Challenge
-full body harness
-hand ascender with footloop
-screwlock carabiners or triplelock
-positioning lanyard

Team Challenge
-full body harness
-hand ascender with footloop
-screwlock carabiners or triplelock
-positioning lanyard

Complex Rescue Challenge
-static ropes/ low-stretch ropes 6 x 50m (minimum 10,5mm)
-rope protectors
-rescue from height stretcher
The rescues and access will always be done using 2 safety points. (working rope and safety rope)